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View a seemingly unlimited number of products that can all be customized with your business name, logo and/or slogan. 
Promotional Items are used for many reasons, most prominently for name recognition & thank you gifts.
Whether given to a loyal customer, friend, possible client, employee or to use yourself;
these wide range of products say 'THANKS', along with supporting positive word of mouth advertising!

When it involves products that are screen printed, embroidered, embossed, etched or laser engraved,
check with Printables Unlimited first!
With over 30 years in this industry we have the experience to assist you with all the options and details.
Call or e-mail for ideas, pricing, or just to compare quotes. Samples are available.
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Click on the SITES below offering a wide varity promotional items & specialty advertising products.
These are some of our top ASI* manufacturers. *(Advertising Specialty Institute)  
Search this way, or let us know what items you may be planning and we can pull together the best options currently available.
Then let us help with the process of developing artwork and having the best imprint made for your particular product!
Pricing and reliability are top considerations when comparing vendors offering the same, or similar, items.

Check out the clothing distributors also listed, offering most any type wearable that can be custom imprinted, or embroidered.

 Let us help to find and produce the best item 
for your special promotional thank you gift.

Thanks again for the chance to help! Guy

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Top suppliers reped by Printables Unlimited:

(various useful items)                            (fun stuff; toys, games, novelties)                       (office & home)                                   (bags, travel gear & various)                       (stickers, magnets, signs, badges)
Quickpoint                                       Jornik                                                             Bic Graphic                                  Bag Makers                                           Stouse
Baystate                                           Wowline                                                         Keystone Line                              Leed's                                                    TradeNet
Numo Mfg                                        Galaxy Balloons                                            TradeNet                                       Prime Line                                             Badge & Sign
Beacon Promotions                        Proinnovative                                                Diversified                                    Crown Products                                   The Magnet Group
Gary Line                                         Ball Pro                                                           Aakron Line                                  High Caliber                                          Dixie Line

(t-shirts, caps, fleecewear, jackets)       (cups, bottles & travel mugs)           
Alphabroder                                       Tk Cups-Sorgs
Imprintable Wear                                Glass America
Dunbrooke Sportswear                      Howw
Blue Generation                                  Leed's
Cap America                                        Keystone Line 

www.leedsworld.com                           www.keystoneline.com                          www.stouse.com                         www.imprintablewear.com


www.hubpen.com                                 www.beaconpromotions.com               www.wowline.com                      www.alphabroder.com


www.bagmakersinc.com                      www.themagnetgroup.com                   www.jornik.com                           www.dunbrooke.com


www.tradenetonline.com                      www.baystate.com                                 www.garyline.com                       www.bluegeneration.com


www.bicgraphic.com                             www.proinnovative.com                       www.ballpro.com                         www.imprintableguide.com


www.crownprod.com                            www.glassamerica.com                         www.aakronline.com                  www.vitronicpromotional.com


www.highcaliberline.com                     www.quickpoint.com                             www.alexandermc.com                www.capamerica.com


www.numomfg.com                              www.badgeandsignstore.com              www.expressabutton.com            www.sanmar.com


www.howw.com                                    www.primeline.com                              www.galaxyballoon.com         www.dixiline.com